Modular, durable and high-quality truss systems stocked. Different systems and brands available to suit requirements ranging from general purpose lighter duty truss through to high load. All truss is available in different lengths and corner arrangements to build your perfect system.

Litec QH30 29cm Box Truss

Litec QH30 29cm box truss offers exceptional loading capabilities while being easy to transport and assemble. It is renowned for its durability and lightweight design.

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Litec QH40 40cm Box Truss

Litec QH40 40cm box truss offers heavy duty loading capabilities while being easy to handle and transport. Its versatility makes it ideal for temporary installations and touring productions.

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Medium Duty 20.5” Box Truss

Medium Duty Truss provides robust support while maintaining a manageable weight. It is known for its durability, versatility, and ease of use.

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Sixty82 M29T 29cm Triangular Truss

Sixty82 M29T is a lighter duty truss system used extensively in the entertainment and event industry. The truss provides a reliable, efficient solution with less transport volume than box truss.

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Sixty82 L52S 53cm Box Truss

Sixty82 L52S truss is a robust and versatile truss known for its high load-bearing capacity and durability. It utilises a conical connection system to increase weight loading compared to bolt style trusses.

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Sixty82 XL101R 101cm Rectangular Truss

Sixty82 XL101R truss offers extremely heavy duty loading. It is mainly used for mother grids or outside projects that could be wind affected.

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