Litec QH30 29cm Box Truss

Litec QH30 29cm box truss offers exceptional loading capabilities while being easy to transport and assemble. It is renowned for its durability and lightweight design.

Litec QH30 truss uses high-quality EN AW-6082 T6 aluminium in its construction with 48x3mm main chords and 22x2mm diagonals. This makes it both robust and corrosion-resistant. Its modular design allows for flexible configurations, enabling users to create custom structures suitable for a variety of applications.

The quick-connect egg, pin and clip system makes assembly and disassembly extremely quick using only a hammer. This feature makes it an ideal choice for time-sensitive events.

Users can utilise the truss with a wide range of accessories, including fixed/dado corner blocks and base plates. This further enhances its versatility and adaptability to differing setups.

Litec QH30 truss provides a reliable and efficient solution from small-scale productions through to large-scale events. Its combination of strength, lightweight construction, and ease of use has made it a trusted choice among professionals.

Download Full Specification and Load Ratings