About Us

Founded in 2001, Blitz has become an increasingly important cornerstone in the development of the British Film Industry. From its inception as a family business, Blitz has strived to provide a customer orientated culture focused solely on making the best equipment available anywhere, at any time. 

The family tradition continues as the business is today led by Sam Skipper, at a scale that would have been inconceivable in the earlier days as a modest drapery and rigging film supplier. Today, Blitz operates from a purpose designed 80,000sqft warehouse in Welham Green, Hertfordshire, with a staff of up to 50 people, over 20 vehicles and around £20m of rigging, structures, lifting and drapery inventory. It is the undisputed market leader in the UK and a direct supplier to almost every notable film production of the last decade. 

Blitz today maintains its service orientated culture and has found the breadth and quality of its inventory expanding its reach into the adjacent sectors of corporate and live events. We have developed our founding principles to into key values that we aim to uphold in every transaction:

  • The best equipment. We invest millions of pounds every year to ensure that provide the best, newest and most current technology to our customers

  • Safety and compliance. Safety is paramount in rigging and we ensure that our equipment is certified and meets industry standards, whilst aiming to publish all available information to allow the safe use of the materials.

  • Logistics support. Blitz is unique in having a completely in house logistic system, integrated from our stock control system to our fleet of commercial vehicles in all key sizes. This in combination with our flexible team of drivers ensures that we are in control of delivering to our customers every single time.

  • Versatility. We understand that every project is different and that there are different technical and economic constraints influencing film, commercials, music videos, TV productions or live events. We can therefore adapt our services to suit different project scales and budgets

  • Collaboration and communication. Collaboration is the backbone of international film making, from the artists to the crews that power such productions. We strive to maintain clear communication with our clients and the wider production teams at all times and genuinely pride ourselves on being an active part of the problem solving eco system.

Through the dedication to our values, Blitz has grown to the undisputed leader in its field. Our vision is to continue to develop this culture, to keep our equipment and our people at the heart of ambitious productions for many years to come.