Cabling Control

Cabling and control are critical aspects of entertainment rigging, facilitating the precise movement and positioning of stage elements, lighting fixtures, and scenic elements. Properly managed cabling systems, along with advanced control mechanisms, allow riggers to operate various rigging components smoothly, ensuring seamless performances and efficient scene transitions during live events and theatrical productions.

Outboard Motor Controllers

Out Board manufactures motor controllers specifically designed for entertainment rigging applications. The motor controllers are known for their reliability and versatility, making them a preferred choice among professionals in the entertainment industry.

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G-Pro Motor Controllers

G-Pro motor controllers are versatile and powerful controllers for entertainment rigging professionals. Designed to meet the demands of modern productions, the motor controllers ensure reliable performance for stage setups.

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Cee-form Cable

Cee-form cabling is a popular choice for entertainment rigging due to its robustness and safety features. These connectors are known for their high amperage capacity, making them suitable for heavy-duty power distribution to various equipment. The locking mechanism of Cee-form connectors ensures a secure connection, reducing the risk of accidental disconnections, making them a reliable choice for professional rigging applications. Single and 3ph power & control looms are available depending on the motor type and can be plugged simply into break-out spiders.

Multicore Cable

Multicore cabling is a widely used and trusted solution for entertainment rigging applications. With its multipin connectors and durable design, they provide a reliable means of power and signal distribution for hoists. Its versatility and efficiency make it a popular choice for simplifying setup and teardowns of film productions. The standard industry term is Soca, short for the brand name Socapex. Multiple different brands are stocked, all inter-connectable.