Hoists/lifts are specifically designed to provide reliable and precise lifting solutions for various applications within the entertainment and event industry.

CM Prostar Electric Chain Hoists

CM Prostar electric chain hoists are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the entertainment industry. They are equipped with overload protection and DC brakes to ensure safe and efficient lifting operations.

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CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists

CM Lodestar electric chain hoists are widely recognised and trusted for their exceptional performance and reliability in the lifting and rigging industry. Manufactured by Columbus McKinnon, Lodestar hoists have set a standard for quality and durability.

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Kinesys Elevation Chain Hoists

Kinesys Elevation hoists contain advanced motor technology. When integrated with intelligent control systems they deliver an accurate and safe performance at the push of a button.

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GIS LP D8+ Chain Hoists

GIS electric entertainment chain hoists are renowned in the entertainment industry for their exceptional performance and reliability. Designed specifically for entertainment and stage rigging applications, the hoists offer a comprehensive solution for lifting equipment.

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Manual Chain Tackles/Hoists

Manual chain tackles are simple and easy to use. Using a hand chain to operate, significant loads can be lifted into position without the need of a power source. Units available include 250kg, 500kg and 1000kg from top brands Tractel, Tiger and LiftinGear.

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Scaffold Hoists

Scaffold hoists are designed for lighter duty construction materials to be quickly lifted to height. They feature a compact and portable design allowing for easy manoeuvrability and installation.

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