Scaffolding serves as a crucial support system, enabling workers to perform tasks and create structures at elevated locations. It offers a safe alternative to ladders allowing for easier movement and access to different areas of a building or structure.

Aluminium Scaffolding

Aluminium scaffolding is a lightweight alternative to steel which maintains good strength and load-bearing capabilities. It is easy to transport, maneuverer and assemble making it a good choice for structures that need to be erected quickly. Lengths available in imperial and metric.

Galvanised Steel Scaffolding

Galvanised steel scaffolding offers high strength and load-bearing capacity making it stable and secure for heavy-duty applications. It’s durability means it is ideal for long-term productions. Lengths available in imperial and metric.

Latice/Layer Beams

Lattice/layer beams are key components in structural and construction projects. These beams are specifically designed to provide support, stability, and load-bearing capabilities in a wide range of applications, including production construction, stage and event setups, and industrial structures. Standard sizes available include 450mm Latice/Layer beams and 750mm/1300mm/1500mm X Beams.

Fittings & Scaffolding Ancillaries

Fittings and scaffolding ancillaries are the essential components of any scaffolding structure. Items stocked include safety equipment such as sole boards and toe boards. A wide range of fittings include doubles, swivels, 90 degree, limpet, pigs ears, flange and key clamps.

Access Equipment

Access equipment refers to a wide range of tools and machinery used to provide safe and efficient access to elevated areas in construction, maintenance, and industrial settings. Items stocked include 10x10 and 7x7 Climalite towers, single and double width painters towers, and a wide variety of ladders. With various designs and capabilities, access equipment ensures workers can reach heights and navigate challenging environments.