Kinesys Elevation Chain Hoists

Kinesys Elevation hoists contain advanced motor technology. When integrated with intelligent control systems they deliver an accurate and safe performance at the push of a button.

Kinesys Elevation hoists deliver smooth and accurate movements, allowing for precise positioning and dynamic effects during performances. They are equipped with a range of safety features, including overload protection, positional encoders, and 4 position limit switches which ensures a secure and reliable operation.

Kinesys Elevation hoists offer versatility and adaptability to suit a wide range of rigging setups and stage designs. Programmable automation systems can easily integrate the hoits enabling seamless coordination and control during performances.

The compact and lightweight design of Kinesys Elevation hoists facilitates easy installation and transportation. Designers created them to be suitable for a variety of venues and event setups which caters to both installations and touring productions.

Link to Full Specifcation and Load Ratings