CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists

CM Lodestar electric chain hoists are widely recognised and trusted for their exceptional performance and reliability in the lifting and rigging industry. Manufactured by Columbus McKinnon, Lodestar hoists have set a standard for quality and durability.

Designed for heavy-duty applications, CM Lodestar electric chain hoists offer powerful lifting capabilities. Equipped with high-quality components and a robust construction, the chain hoists handle various load capacities with ease.

Safety is a top priority as the hoists include overload protection, limit switches, and a minimum 8:1 safety factor (500kg/1000kg). They meet industry safety standards and regulations giving operators peace of mind. With hoist capacities at 500kg (Model F), 1000kg (Model L) and 2000kg (Model RRS), CM Lodestar hoists can easily integrate into various rigging systems, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Professionals recognise CM Lodestar electric chain hoists for their versatility and adaptability. Whether it's in industrial settings, construction sites, or entertainment productions, the hoists provide a reliable and efficient lifting solutions.

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