Outboard Motor Controllers

Out Board manufactures motor controllers specifically designed for entertainment rigging applications. The motor controllers are known for their reliability and versatility, making them a preferred choice among professionals in the entertainment industry.

Out Board's motor controllers offer smooth control over the movement of rigging elements. The controllers come equipped with user-friendly interfaces allowing riggers to execute movements with ease.

LV6 and LV12 controllers use 3 way combined power and control socapex cables. This cuts down on the amount of cabling required to from the controller to the hoist.

LV4 use cee-form connector outputs. You can use it with separate socapex power and control fan-ins to utilise it in the same way as an LV8. LV8 uses a 4 way power and 4 way control socapex output. Even though this creates more cabling, it does simplify cabling workflows and make it easier to fault find.

Rigging professionals appreciate the robustness and reliability of Out Board's controllers.

LV4 Manual

LV6 Manual

LV8 Manual

LV12 Manual