G-Pro Motor Controllers

G-Pro motor controllers are versatile and powerful controllers for entertainment rigging professionals. Designed to meet the demands of modern productions, the motor controllers ensure reliable performance for stage setups.

G-Pro motor controllers are equipped with an intuitive user interface enabling riggers to easily control multiple hoist lifts. With its commitment to safety, the controllers continue to be a trusted solution for rigging experts.

LV4 use cee-form connector outputs. You can use it with separate socapex power and control fan-ins to utilise it in the same way as an LV8 or LV12. LV8 and LV12 uses a 4 way power and 4 way control socapex output.

Whether it's controlling scenery, truss, or handling other essential rigging tasks, the G-Pro controllers are efficient and reliable, elevating the overall performance experience for the rigger.

G-Pro Motor Controllers Datasheet