Litec QH40 40cm Box Truss

Litec QH40 40cm box truss offers heavy duty loading capabilities while being easy to handle and transport. Its versatility makes it ideal for temporary installations and touring productions.

Litec QH40 truss uses high-quality EN AW-6082 T6 aluminium in its construction with 48x3mm main chords and 22x2mm diagonals. It features a modular design, allowing for flexible configurations to suit different stage designs and setups. Users can easily connect it using eggs, pins, and clips.

Safety is a top priority in the design ensuring reliable performance and secure load-bearing capabilities. The truss is designed to handle requirements of film and tv productions by offering a stable and secure frame for lighting, audio, and set.

Litec QH40 truss offers a reliable solution for stage designs, temporary structures, and elaborate setups. It supports creative visions to ensure successful, memorable and impactful experiences.

Download Full Specification and Load Ratings