Aluminium Staging

Aluminium staging provides a reliable and customizable platform for a variety of applications with its lightweight yet robust design.

The designers of aluminium staging prioritised convenience and efficiency by constructing it with high-quality, lightweight materials to ensure durability and strength. Despite its lightweight nature, it offers exceptional load-bearing capabilities of 5kn/m2, making it suitable for supporting performers, equipment, and scenic elements.

Brands supplied include Sixty82 LITE82 and Livedeck, Centauri Stage Deck, Litestructures Litedeck and Prolyte Litedeck. The modular design with interlocking panels and secure bolt connection system offers stability and structural integrity. This ensures a safe and solid platform for performances, presentations, and exhibitions.

Aluminium staging offers flexibility in customisation, allowing users to adapt the stage to their specific requirements. Users can easily configure stages into various shapes and sizes from the standard imperial deck sizes of 8x4ft, 8x2ft, 6x4ft, 6x2ft, 4x4ft and 4x2ft. Also available to build intriguing and memorable stages are circular quarter sections and triangular decks.

View Full Specifcation and Load Ratings for Sixty82

Download Full Specification and Load Ratings for Centauri Stage Deck